International Communications and Social Media Commission (ICSMC)

The Digital Communications and Social Media Authority regulates interstate and international communication by internet networks in all countries. It is an independent international department overseen by ICSMC under the IDAZ09 Nations Headquarters (HQ).

ICSMC issues policies on the use of social media and networking, promotes corporate responsibility initiatives and manages reputations.

ICSMC is committed to acting honestly, responsibly and respectfully. We apply the highest media and communication professional standards.

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees contribute meaningfully to the democratic process, linking business, government, civil society and policymakers.

Advisory committees provide organisations, individuals, businesses or government departments with advice on a broad range of issues affecting policies and programs. Opportunities and academic vacancies within the Institute for Digital Communications.

The Ministry

Digital Communications and Social Media Affairs

IDAZ09 Nation HQ promotes open information, digital services, strong modern systems and increased capability.