International Data Decency Commission (IDDC)

IDDC under the IDAZ09 Nations Headquarters (HQ), initiatives clearly define the roles and responsibilities of partners during the phases of planning, construction, operation, upgrading and closure or decommissioning of projects. Rules for future participation are defined to allow the inclusion of new global partners.

From a global perspective, the implementation of these clauses cannot be easily criticised under current legislation concerning privacy laws. Access to private information needs to be conducted lawfully through a search order. The Data Decency Commission can meet the requirements necessary to store all digital information, including encrypted legislation from various countries through the IDAZ09 Nations HQ.


Ethics of Data

The Data Decency Commission contributes to the improvement of knowledge of the global technological infrastructure and the ethical and political issues that come with it. Science and technology interact with society from different disciplinary perspectives. The purpose is to promote the advancement of technology and science for the common good.


Data Decency Commission

The department of the Data Decency Commission is responsible for Data policy on national and international digital, transaction, identity and privacy information.