International House of Congress (IHC)

IDAZ09 Nations Headquarters (HQ) establishes Data Decency conditions under the international technology justice system; maintains the data legislation standard; establishes and maintains international transaction social security information and technology cooperation.


Congress and the Constitution

The IDAZ09 Nations Congress supports each respective country's legal jurisdiction. IDAZ09’s technology guidelines ensure each country will be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect. Safeguards will be set in place. International cooperation from all foreign governments and their agencies will be encouraged.

Ourselves as Global Citizens

International Data Decency Commission

The Executive Branch's overall responsibility to the Data Decency Commission is to participate in the IDAZ09 Nations HQ and to lead the Data Decency delegation and legislation.

Ourselves as Global Citizens

Ethical Obligation to Consider

We simply cannot afford to act in a nationalist context. The IDAZ09 Nations HQ can assist us to move towards united globalisation, understanding of the world morally and ethically, and taking pride in where we live.