International Social Security Commission (ISSC)

From a global perspective, the implementation of these clauses cannot be easily criticised under the current legislation concerning privacy laws. Access to private information needs to be conducted lawfully through a search order. ISSC under the IDAZ09 Nations can meet the requirements necessary to store all digital information, including encrypted legislation from various countries.


ISSC Coordination Center

This department focuses on identifying, implementing, and improving productivity standards and safety, and reducing environmental impacts without any disadvantages to current technologies. Therefore, consolidating overall security performance.

Strategic Security Coordination relies on the democratic development of values, which include respect for human dignity and rights, freedom, democracy, dignity, equity, and the law.


Digital, Privacy Security and Safety (DPSS)

Privacy and data can be captured and protected so authorities can effectively carry out their mandated tasks, through dissemination of information.

This department helps reduce the high volume of cross-border crime with technology. It is essential to fight effectively and efficiently to increase security around the world.

The internet is more or less an information society and requires the management and control of infrastructure. DPSS not only covers the physical network, but the cyber network as well.